Global environmental destruction is getting worse. It is no longer possible to sit on the sidelines and spectate. Our winters are disrupted, the arctic is warming faster than expected and our politicians are moving too slow!

Recently having moved to our new location we decided to do our part, and focus on building a sustainable and responsible business.

It won’t happen overnight but will happen!


  • ECO certified electricity from wind power.
  • Buildings built with local wood, geothermal heat exchangers, Natural insulation, and partly heated with firewood sourced from own forests.
  • Reduced paper wastage by not using paper-cups, and disposable drying towels, but by using long lasting machine washable biodegradable cups, and cotton hand-towels.
  • Separation and recycling of waste and composting dog and kitchen waste.
  • Modern fleet of fuel injected 4-stroke snowmobiles, for lower emissions.
  • Company vehicle is a modern fuel efficient diesel with Adblue system to reduce harmful sulphur emissions.
  • We participate in project to supply electric recharge points for the electric vehicles in rural areas.
  • Install solar panels for summer use and overall reduction of grid electricity


  • Switch to electric snowmobiles and quad for some of the daily work.
  • Inventory and register own forest as a carbon sink, and manage it in a way to compensate for our Carbon emissions. (goal is carbon neutral)
  • Invest in Electric vehicles for daily kennel chores.


  • Open days for local village.
  • Employ as much local as possible.
  • Focus on Year Round employment to provide people a living wage.
  • Respect for local reindeer culture.
  • Work with local landowners to develop a sustainable net of dogsledding trail.
  • We participate in animal welfare projects and research in cooperation with University of Lapland to add knowledge in people about dog sledding culture and animal welfare.

To-Do on social sustainability

  • Develop educational visits for local school children.


  • Working with local suppliers like: transportation, building and repairing of equipment.
  • Cooperation with local Sinettä and Lehtojärvi tourism companies to support rural economy.
  • Develop year round products to be able to provide year round employment and sustainable run company.

Steps taken for the Ethical Sustainability

  • Fair salaries to all our workers.
  • Following all Finnish employment laws and regulations.
  • Providing modern facilities and safe equipment to work.
  • Educating our personnel according to their needs.
  • Men and women have an equal chance and right to work in our company.
  • Ethical use of animals in Tourism: tours are not only an entertainment, but also educational for our guests to let people know more about the world of sled dogs and their culture.
  • Promotion of animal welfare to educate our guests as well as improve living conditions for working dogs, Our philosophy and ethics
  • Open concept for the dog kennel: no hidden corners, our guests can see how and what we do with working dogs.
  • We treat all our customers fairly no matter to the country of origin, sex, age or their religion.
  • We raise the environmental and cultural awareness for our guests.
  • We market and sell, ONLY what we provide, building true expectations for our customers.


Green Activities Finland Responsible Tourism Sustainable Tourism

Green Activities

An environmental program intended specifically for nature entrepreneurs, Green Activities is a part of the globally-recognized and respected Green Key.

To learn more about Green Activities and their requirements for the certificate, visit their website here.

Sustainable Travel Finland Cerfitication Bearhill Husky Safaris

Sustainable Travel Finland

The Sustainable Travel Finland label makes it easier for travelers to recognize a tourism company and destination that takes sustainability seriously. This label is only awarded to those that have completed the Sustainable Travel Finland program and fulfilled the criteria.

Greene energy 100% renewable energy certification Bearhill Husky Safaris

Greene Energy

We are proud to use 100% renewable energy at Bearhill Husky. Distributed by Nordic Green Energy and certified annually, all of our electricity is generated by either wind, water or solar power and is verified in accordance with the European Guarantee of Origin.

Vaolo Certified location sustainable tourism environmental conservation

Explored by Vaolo

Vaolo believes in inspiring change through travel and human connections. As a certified Vaolo destination, we have shown our values and commitment to sustainable social, economic and environmental practices including our available accommodations and activities. The Vaolo certification is a true guarantee of quality for travelers.