About us

We are a family run husky kennel based in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

In 2003 we decided to realize a dream and established Bearhillhusky in the small town of Lieksa in North Carelia. The first years were a steep learning curve and can only be described as adventurous and uncertain.
At first we concentrated on longer tours in the wilds of North Carelia, but as our family grew, and our services were more and more in demand in Lapland we decided to relocate to Rovaniemi, and focus on day trips and shorter tours.
Since 2012 the family has been permanently located in Rovaniemi.
It’s our passion to work with dogs, breed them, train them and let them be the best dogs they can be.
It is exactly this passion we love to share with you!


Valentijn has been working with huskies since 2000, has participated in numerous canoeing and rafting expeditions in Russia and has spent time as a gold-miner in the gold fields of Lemmenjoki. Although his passport says he is Dutch, he grew up in Southern Africa and, feels he is a citizen of the world. Valentijn loves learning about dogs and can talk for hours about the intricacies of dog training, the history of huskies, breeding and their nutrition..

Valentijn Beets Owner Bearhill Husky
Veronika Butinova Owner of Bearhill Husky

Veronika has been the down to earth voice in our kennel. She is the one who makes sure that emails are answered, bookings go on time, and that all those unseen important tasks in the background get done. She is also an amazing cook, and her salmon soup has impressed many a culinary critic.

Our wilderness man, and jack of all trades. Antti makes sure that Bearhill keeps moving forward more or less smoothly. With a true love for the wilderness life in his own original way he is a genuine character. Antti loves nothing more than travelling the wilds with his dog-team and has done many solo sledding expeditions throughout Lapland.

Black and white photo of Antti from Bearhill Husky