At Bearhillhusky we believe that both our dogs and our guests deserve the very best.
Our dogs because they work hard and deserve respect and care for their efforts, and our guests, because we realize that our tours are expensive, and they deserve value for money and an unforgettable experience.


We believe that, when possible, all our dogs deserve a comfortable retirement. They have worked hard and selflessly throughout their lives and the least we can do is make sure they are comfortable in old age. Older dogs we will often sell to smaller recreational teams, rehome as pets or keep ourself as puppy trainers. their experience is valuable for training the young dogs.
Visit our facebook pages for rehoming of old dogs.


Many kennels maintain puppies specifically to show to their guests. We consider this unethical and therefore do not breed or plan puppies specifically for display. We breed puppies to rejuvenate our kennel when we need them. This usually means in the spring as we then have more time for the socialization of the newborn pups. If and when we sell pups we usually only sell them to working homes.


At Bearhillhusky we castrate all the males that we do not consider fit for breeding. This helps prevent unwanted or unsuitable puppies. As well as calms the males down which prevents dogfights.
This does create extra costs, but we are happy to bear them as we do believe it makes a big difference in the long run.