Summer & fall adventures

Pick the perfect lapland husky tour for you and your travel group

Easy & fun family safari

Autumn Born to Run Tour

2.5h program / 000000min husky tour
travel distance 4 km
129€ adult|77€ child

Huskies are not born fit, it takes lots of preparation and conditioning before the dogs are as fit as they can be. Visit the kennel and get a feel for how the dogs are prepared to be the amazing athletes they are.

Walk with huskies!

A walk in the woods


79€ adult|39€ child

Our dogs love to run and cooling off in the water on a warm summer day is everyone’s pleasure.




travel distance 12-18 km
179€ adult|0€ child

Get away from the city and enjoy the magical forests of the Lappish wilderness. The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure.