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This is open to book via our webshop for Summer 2021!

A 2 hour kennel tour, with an 800 meter husky ride!

Visit our kennel, meet our Alaskan huskies and be awed by their amazing abilities. A guided tour of our modern kennel facilities and a fascinating view into the daily life of huskies and their mushers. The dogs will be excited to give you short ride with a cart to show how they prepare for winter.

After the ride you will have the chance to walk with husky puppies and adult dogs. The huskies love attention and you will get a chance to interact with them as we go for a walk in our private forest area. There will be time to get to know the dogs and their unique characters, as well as a chance to see the workings of the kennel.

If you love dogs this is for you!

For animal welfare reasons husky ride is included only weather permitting, 10 degrees celcius or colder, otherwise it’s too hot for the huskies to pull.

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Summer - 01.06. - 28.08.

Tuesday - Saturday

09:00 - 11:00 (time at kennel)

Autumn - 31.08. - 30.10

Tuesday - Saturday

12:30 - 14:30 (time at Kennel)


59,-€ per adult

35,- € per child (4 - 14 y.o)

Minimum of 2 adults paying a full price


  • Informative talk about huskies
  • Guided 2 hour kennel tour
  • 800 meter cart ride (included when weather permits)
  • Juice and cookies

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Meeting place and time

The meeting place is Bearhill Husky Kennel and the meeting time is the start of the tour time. Please check with for further information.

Bearhill Husky