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This is open to book for season 2021 – 2022! Send an email to

One way 90 kilometer extreme day-trip with a racing sled

Experience the thrill of driving a high powered dog team on a whole day extreme expedition to the swedish border. An exclusive program for 1 to 2 persons willing to push themselves just that little further. This expedition starts at our kennel in Viiksjärvi and finishes 90 km further in the border town, Pello. Guests will drive a racing sled, and a team of 6 – 8 dedicated racing alaskan huskies from Bearhills pool of racing dogs. During the trip you will be responsible for the feeding and care of the dogs. This is a physical activity that will require the guest to handle long periods of cold and sometimes intense activity. The duration of this trip is variable, as weather and trail conditions can make the tour last from 7 hours to 17 hours for instance. After the trip we load the dogs to the trailer and return to the kennel. There a hot sauna and dinner awaits us.

During spring on request, 09:00 ->
10.01.2022 – 31.03.2022

1.999,- € per tour, max 2 participants

Please, check the availability with the sales office. Bookings can be made via email to

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Spring 10.01.2022 - 31.03.2022

09:00 -> (starting time at the kennel)

Please confirm your pick up time with sales office


1.999,-€ per tour, max 2 participants


  • Transfers from/to Rovaniemi
  • Safety- and driving instructions
  • approximately 90 kilometer one-way tour with a racing sled (max 8 dogs per sled)
  • Hot juice, cookies and snacks
  • Professional arctic outer clothing
  • Return transfer to the kennel
  • Sauna and dinner upon return to the kennel.
Bearhill Husky