For the support our dogs, you can purchase this handy Bearhill’s husky neck scarf.

All our guests get this scarf complementary during our winter tours for the extra protection against the cold and wind. But it can be used also during the summer and very useful while doing sports. It is made of light weight material, which breaths well and also dries very fast.

There is a little story behind our buff idea. It gets quite windy and chilly during the husky tour, so we wanted to offer some extra wind and cold protection for our guests. We needed to find an easy and functional way for the scarf, so we thought of giving the new neck scarfs to all our guests, which they can take with them home as well as use them during their holidays in Rovaniemi. At first we had blue color for our buff for a few years, but lately we decided to have different color every year. So last year (2019) we had a green color buff and this year we have happy bright pink color.

Please, remember to fill up your full delivery address correctly. As our web shop is made to book tours, there is question for accommodation. Don’t mind that, just put your home town.

We hope you enjoy our multi-functional scarf. Thanks for your support.


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