Winter adventures

Easy & fun family safari
Closeup of husky in Lapland, Finland

November Born to Run afternoon Tour

3h program / 45min husky tour
travel distance 4 km
165€ adult|99€ child

Huskies are not born fit, it takes lots of preparation and conditioning before the dogs are as fit as they can be. Visit the kennel and get a feel for how the dogs are prepared to be the amazing athletes they are.

Extreme day-trip
Husky Tours Bearhill Husky Rovaniemi Finland

Black Dog 90

17h program
travel distance 90 km
1999€ adult

One way 90 kilometer extreme day-trip with a racing sled.

Authentic mushing experience
Musher's point of view on husky tour in Lapland, Finland

Trailbreaker Adventure

4h 45min program / 3h husky tour
Mush your own team of dogs
299€ adult (solo driver)

For those seeking an authentic mushing experience!